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Website Development

We offer website design with a Content Management Solution (CMS) application, mobile websites, iPhone and Android Apps. 

For the website design we allow you to pick from over 30 pre-made templates, or we can customize one for you.  We will ask for your header, logo, images and content for the website. If you have an existing one we can also grab the content from there.  Our design team will put together a website you will be proud of. The same goes for mobile websites: choose from three templates and we'll put together a mobile site your customers will love.

With our Content Management Solution, you will be able to exchange images, add new ones, or change any content you need to update whenever you desire.  You will have total control and will be able to do it on the day and time you choose. 

InfoTree provides a team of expert technical and customer support personnel.  Because we not only build the website, but host it as well, we will be able to make sure it is on a server that is reliable and has the most advanced software and hardware available.   

We offer Google Analytics which helps you review what pages were seen, how long someone stayed on that page, and much more.  This will help you know what your customers are looking for and, therefore, will help you better market to them.  In addition, we provide Search Engine Optimization (SEO), a process which affects the visibility of your website in search engine results such as Google, Yahoo!, or Bing. All this - right at your fingertips!

If you are ready to take control and want to discuss pricing and schedule a demonstration of the process, please contact our Sales Department for more information at and someone will contact you - or you can simply give us a call today at 978-263-8558.