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System Requirements

Server Configuration Client Configuration
  • P4 2GHz
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 200 GB (suggest RAID 5)
  • 2 Intel+ Dual Port Adaptive Load Balancing and Adapter Fault Tolerance.
  • 1 CDRW Drive for Backup.
  • 32bit Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server
  • P4 1.6GHz
  • 1 GB RAM
  • Hard Drive: 20 GB
  • Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7
Setting Up the System

InfoTree recommends the above product specifications, but encourages the use of present equipment whenever possible. It is important however for you to be aware of how these components will affect your system’s operation.

  • Server & Client: ProTourTM uses a Server-Client configuration, where both Server and Client have copies of the executable program, but the main database resides in the server. Every client has a home directory so certain tasks can be accomplished locally therefore improving speed and efficiency.
  • Processor & RAM: Database environments involve a great deal of record processing. The faster your processor and the greater your RAM is, the quicker those files get processed. Using slower machines will slow your process down tremendously, but using less RAM will cause ProTourTM to be unusable. If you have to use a slower processor, make sure to increase the RAM size.
  • Hard Drive: As your business grows, so does your ProTourTM database. ProTourTM is a windows based program and most users have other programs on their hard drives it is important to have plenty of space for the database to grow, and for backups to be made.
  • Fast Ethernet : We recommend Fast Ethernet for the following reason: Speed. A 100BaseT is 10 times faster than a 10BaseT.
  • Windows 2003/2008: ProTourTM is a Windows based product, making it easy to use and easy to learn. We recommend a Windows network therefore for smooth operation.


Prices are in US Funds

Option: Option I: Annual Licensing of ProTour Option II: Purchasing of ProTour


$3,850 (1 server, 2 users) $13,500 (1 server, 2 users)


$585 per user $1,500 per user

Remote User:

$585 (each) $1,500 (each)


  • Eight hours of technical support
  • One copy of ProTour User's Guide
  • ProTour upgrades within licensing year
  • Adding on users after initial date of license will require a $700 processing fee.
  • Eight hours of technical support
  • One copy of ProTour User's Guide
  • ProTour upgrades within licensing year
  • Additional options available for purchase: Upgrades, technical support and additional modules can be purchased separately at published current prices.
  • Our comprehensive software-training course is held at our corporate headquarters. (Travel and accommodation expenses are the responsibility of the customer.)
  • The price for each person to attend the training session is $700 per person.
  • Customer and Technical support is available only to those company representatives who have attended training.

Additional ProTour user's guides are available at $70 per guide. This pricing is for ProTour software only and does not include any other products that InfoTree offers and we do not supply any hardware, this is the responsibility of the purchasing party.


Additional Support Options
Basic Support Options: $900 per 8 hour block
Priority Support Options:  
3 - 6 users: $900 per year
7 - 15 users: $1,500 per year
16 - 25 users: $2,500 per year
26 - 50 users: $3,500 per year
50+ users: $4,500 per year

Online support requires the use of TeamViewer.  Customer and technical support doesn’t include any customized or specialized requests. Support time will include the time spent by engineers and the support staff in all aspects of solving the problem, including but not limited to the time spent: on the telephone, researching, testing, troubleshooting and responding. All support is limited to normal business hours.


Optional purchases

  1. Credit Card Processing System interface, processes credit card payments directly from ProTour (PayFlowPro/Verisign)
  2. iProTour interface for Real Time Internet reservations.
  3. Private training is available in our office at an additional rate. Customer is responsible for all travel related expenses.
  4. InfoTree's training staff is available to travel to customers' offices. Customer is responsible for all travel related expenses of the InfoTree trainer.
  5. Any customizations to ProTour are subject to additional charges. Customizations will be discussed and formally quoted and paid for before InfoTree begins any work.

All prices are subject to change without prior notice