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About Our Company

InfoTree Corporation combines technological expertise with travel industry experience to develop a high quality and cost-effective Wholesale Tour Management solution. 

Our software products help individual and group tour operators better manage their profitability and productivity. As competition in the travel industry increases and as technology changes, our software products manage the ever-changing passenger demands, tour products, vendor rates, and commission caps faced by the travel wholesaler. Tour operators worldwide have grown to rely on our technical expertise since 1995.  

What we do

We have all different type companies using the software that sell product ranging from selling International Cities, Theatre Packages, Escorted Tours, Inbound Tours to Sport Tours (some of these customers are PrimeSport, Esoteric Sport Tours and Premiere Sports Tours). With well over 100 Tour Operators who use our product, the software must be flexible enough to meet all these Tour Operator demands and needs in order to stay competitive in today’s market. 

If you have product you want to sell from a simple in house reservations system to having the ability to putting your product on the Internet for “real time” reservations, we think we have something to offer you. We would love to hear from you to let you know what we can do for you today!